THR33 is a clothing company that started out with the simple creation of the bar code. We noticed that everyone goes any store and never takes any thought to what a bar code truly is but a simple scan that rings up the price for the products you buy. Our idea behind the start of the bar code is to bring awareness that it can be part of our imagination to be creative and expressive. The name THR33 is not to be thought of just as a number that we use to count rather as a name that is meant to show that it can be written in creativity for the world and society we live in continues to create new looks and designs. Community is where THR33 is meant to strive as a company that listens and does not reject anyone. We love and give great respect to our competitors and supporters that believe that all success is created equal. 

The elephant is a purpose for each person to know they are part of the community. When people ask about the elephant it is our intention to use it as a way to tell the story of our customers and how they feel incorporated with this brand. 

"Life's greatest moments will come in three" this quote is where the creator of THR33 sees the great potential for when you feel at a low and tried twice, give it third chance for their is someone out there that believes in your success how small or large it should be.

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